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Health and Safety above everything and we care about our Environment  
We believe that people make the difference in our company. We want all people involved in our projects to go home minimum as healthy as they arrive in the morning, every day!
We are VCA, two star, as well as ISO 14001 certified.

Quality, passion for what we do.  
We need to deliver quality. That is why our customers are happy and why they do business with us for the long term. We are ISO 9001 certified. Our people are skilled, fit for the job, trained and have a mentality to work. We know that the passion for our work has a pay off.
Customer orientated  
Our client is always number one, however we also take into account the interest of our people, the environment and our own business. We have a flat and flexible organization, that means that we can cope with the dynamic demands of our clients.
We have a focus on delivery time as we know that downtime is of the essence for most of our clients. We urge ourselves to respond quick to our customer requests and their specific requirements. Reliability, we do what we say.
Clients have found us easy accessible, consciously breaking down perceived barriers, having appropriate body language and attitude and using the right (albeit direct) verbal communication.
Listening is more important than talking.
Invest in new technology  
We constantly reach out to companies that bring new technologies to the market. This can be start-ups that we support or well established enterprises where we buy their products. In this way we keep ahead of our competition, where as an example we can improve adhesion of paint, reduce overspray, reduce use of paint or faster applications. 

Family company, team spirit  
Many of our employees stay with us for a long time. We support each other, we prefer to make the live of our colleagues easier first before thinking about ourselves. No place for individuals, only by working as a team we get good enough results.